“A Trained Dog is a Happy Dog”

Every new puppy needs to know his manners! At the very minimum this means “here” “sit” and “stay”. Try to take just a few minutes each day (at least 15) every day to review the basic commands. This can easily be incorporated into feeding time or when entering or exiting a door. At Beach Doodles, we go above and beyond in breeding and provide the basics in starting your puppy off on the right foot. Your puppy will be begin to learn the basics to pre-school puppy training.


Vaccinations will be kept up to date

Baths, nail trimmings, grooming and ear cleanings will be done weekly

Health Maintenance

Worming will be done at the age of 6 weeks. From this point on, every 2 weeks for 3 months

Birth photos/Videos

Birth Chart

Week 1 photos/Videos

Day 3- week 2 photos/Videos

Neurological Stimulation

Tactical Stimulation

Head held down

Head held erect

Supine position

Thermal Stimulation

Week 3- week 5 photos/Videos

Noises and Scents

Week 6 basic training begins /photos/Videos

First week vaccination appointment

Leash training

Car rides

Potty training

Kennel training go inside kennel and lay down

Begin Learning “Sit”

Begin Learning “Down”

Begin Learning “Stand”

Begin Learning “Stay”

Begin Learning “Break” as permission to stop sitting/staying

Week 7 -8 photos/Videos

1.-8. Continue with week 6 training

9. Temperament testing

10. Give Name/learn name it’s important at Beach Doodles, to match the right name with the puppy’s personality.

11. Spade or Neuter

12. Basic Learning “Come”

13. Socialization

14. Public Outings

15. Distractions

16. Micro Chipped