Just 4 Boys left, we offer a discount to our first responders and armed forces

*They shed very little to none. Asthma/allergy allergy friendly

*7 months old. Experienced, socialized, desensitized, basic trained, good manners and temperament tested.

*Crate trained

*Adult weight between 70-80 lbs




Why choose Beach Doodles? Well, allow for me to explain…

Beach Doodles LLC, is located in the heart of Wilmington, North Carolina. “We are a small breeding program with a big purpose! Continue to scroll down you will find, “About The Breeder” to learn more. At Beach Doodles, we believe in the importance of genetic DNA testing and health testing of our dogs. Our goal is to produce healthy elite Multi-Generation Australian Labradoodles with great temperament. We are proud to say that our breeder dogs are either Service Dog or Therapy Dog trained or in training to become one.

We focus on high standards, premium health testing, genetic blood work and professional training. We believe that it starts with the parents genetics and quality nutrition. Continue to scroll down for information. We are proud to say that we are Golden Paw members of the Australian Labradoodle Association of America. We breed and train our dogs on a foundation of quality, not quantity!

We breed and specialize in only “THE STANDARDS” of the Australian Labradoodles. Continue to scroll down to learn more about the Australian Labradoodle breed. Rule of thumb… Understand the breed before you are about to purchase. We are passionate about what we do and you are investing in a new addition to your family.

  • Sizes ranging from 73-80 lbs

  • Variety of coat colors: Cream, Red, Apricot, and Carmel
  • Coat Textures: Wool or Fleece, wavy, curly, or straight

We work hard with confidence building, basic training, sound exposure and social skills. At 7 weeks age, the puppies are temperament tested and family placement begins. Along with puppies first shots, spay/neuter and keeping de-worming up to date.


Our Vision