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At Beach Doodles, we are a breeding program on the East Coast that reaches out from Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. We focus on producing quality, healthy Standard Australian Labradoodles with Therapy/Service Dog temperament and social skills. All of our dogs are registered with the Australian Labradoodle Association of America. We breed and train our dogs on a foundation of quality, not quantity!

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Hi, my name is Nina. In the year of 2015, I resigned my duties and service as a Deputy Sheriff. I served for nearly 7 years. I had the pleasure and opportunities to excel in my career. During those years followed a series of events that caused the illness of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder to surface. As a first responder, I have saved lives, lost lives, family members and myself has been threatened by known criminals and have been exposed to diseases. In addition, I battle with Reactive Hypoglycemia. As a result, I have needed the assistance of a Multi- Task Trained Service Dog since 2015. I did not want to be placed on a waiting list nor did I want a service dog that did not grow with me, so I decided to breed and train for my future service dogs.

About Beach Doodles

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Our puppies are the perfect companions to your family. We provide the learning foundation for a Therapy/Service Dog In- Training to our veterans, first responders, disabled, with special needs and the elderly.

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