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At Beach Doodles, we are a breeding program on the East Coast that reaches out from Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. We focus on high standards, premium health testing, and professional training. We specialize in “THE STANDARDS” Australian Labradoodles with Therapy/Service Dog temperament and social skills. We offer 3 different programs! We match our puppies with families as “FAMILY COMPANIONS”, individuals who are searching for a “SERVICE DOG IN-TRAINING” prospect or in need of a “THERAPY DOG” and our “GUARDIAN HOME” housing for our breeding dogs. We are proud to say that we are gold paw members of the Australian Labradoodle Association of America. We breed and train our dogs on a foundation of quality, not quantity.

We are taking applications for Vega/Shaggy Puppies!
Arriving March 2022 to go home by May/Memorial Day weekend.

The steps to reserve your Beach Doodles puppy:

#1. Click on “Adoption Process”.

#2. Once on the adoption page, scroll down and fill out the “Adoption Application Form.”

#3. Once I have received/approved your “Adoption Application Form”, then click above on the “Breeder’s-Buyer’s Agreement” tab.

Read, print and scan a signed copy of the “Breeder’s-Buyer’s Agreement”.

#4. Last step, Once I have received your “Adoption Application Form” and your signed “Buyer’s-Breeder’s Agreement”.

Then, I will sent you a Beach Doodles puppy deposit invoice. Your puppy will not be reserved until we receive your non-refundable $500 deposit.

Our Vision

About The Breeder

Hi, my name is Nina. In the year of 2015, I resigned my duties and service as a Deputy Sheriff. I served for nearly 7 years. I had the pleasure and opportunities to excel in my career. During those years followed a series of events that caused the illness of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder to surface. As a first responder, I have saved lives, lost lives, family members and myself has been threatened by known criminals and have been exposed to diseases. In addition, I battle with Reactive Hypoglycemia. As a result, I have needed the assistance of a Multi- Task Trained Service Dog since 2015. I did not want to be placed on a waiting list nor did I want a service dog that did not grow with me, so I decided to breed and train for my future service dogs.

About Beach Doodles

Our Puppies

Our puppies are the perfect companions to your family. We provide the learning foundation for a Therapy/Service Dog In- Training to our veterans, first responders, disabled, with special needs and the elderly.

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