Here at Beach Doodles, we are proud to say that our breeding dogs are either certified or working toward becoming a task trained Service Dog or Therapy Dog International (T.D.I.) certified Therapy Dogs!

Beach Doodles was born based on the idea of the breeder twice a year hand-picking a puppy from each litter who meet our throw health testing, coat verities texture/colors, and temperament standards/quality of service dog.

From birth, our puppies are placed in various situations that service dogs need to be accustomed to in order to find the right service dog prospect for myself. We provide the basic training experience, diversity and social skills and from birth to 9 weeks.

We provide special request with proper documentation. Beach Doodles has a service dog in- training program. We can provide the training and links of professional and certificated service dog training agencies. In our Service dog in- training program, the team must pass the A.K.C. S.T.A.R. Puppy and/or A.K.C. Canine Good Citizens test, T.D.I. Therapy Dogs International or the Public Access preparation.

“The Beach Doodle”

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