Hi, my name is Nina. In the year of 2015, I resigned my duties and service as a Deputy Sheriff. I served for nearly 7 years. I had the pleasure and opportunities to excel in my career. During those years followed a series of events that caused the illness of Post – Traumatic Stress Disorder to surface. As a first responder, I have saved lives, lost lives, my family members and myself has been threatened by known criminals and have been exposed to diseases. In addition, I battle with reactive hypoglycemia. As a result I have needed the assistance of a multi- task trained service dog since 2015. I did not want to be placed on a waiting list nor did I want a service dog that did not grow with me, so I decided to breed and train for my future service dogs.

My father an Air Force Veteran, was diagnosed with cancer in 2012, same as for my mother who died of cancer in 2002. My father died three months later after his diagnoses. Then following the loss of my Grandma. It was the last straw for me and I lost total control. I have never fully recovered from that.

I have needed the assistance of a Multi- Task Trained Service Dog since 2015. What is a Multi-Task Trained Service Dog you might ask? A service dog is task trained in multiple areas both mental and physical. For Example, interrupting my PTSD episodes and alerting to my low/high blood sugar. Because of the aid of my service dog, has opened a new chapter in my life. A second chance!

I realized that my illness will never go away nor will it take a break. I understood that one service dog working 24/7 is unhealthy and unfair. Service dogs are very expensive regardless who trains them. Even though a service dog is certified, they are always in training. I did not want to be placed on a waiting list nor did I want a service dog that did not grow with me.

Therefore, Beach Doodles was born! I decided to breed for my future service dogs. I train my service dogs, during that training begins the process by the dog team passing the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test evaluated through a certified trainer with Einstein’s Canine College. The next step is to prepare to take the Public Access Test evaluated by Compass Key Service Dog Training. Once that is completed, the service dog in-training will become certified through Compass Key Service Dog Training.

The same kind of training goes for the Therapy Dog however, not as extensive. Therapy Dogs In- Training have to pass the TDI Therapy Dogs International test evaluated by Einstein’s Canine College.

Our goal is to contribute and make the aid of a dog with therapy and service dog temperament and skills available to those with dog allergies, disabled, special needs and the elderly.

Our standard Australian Labradoodles are raised to experience life as a service dog in- training would. Once the puppies are temperamentally evaluated, the puppies are placed into two categories. Service Dog/ Therapy Dog Prep and second, family companions.