About Our Training Program

Note: We do not claim to be service dog trainers or service dog breeders. We provide and begin the training foundation to continue with a certified service dog trainer. At Beach Doodles, all of our dogs are accustomed to training as a In-Training Service Dog would. We hand pick one puppy out of each litter to train as a SDIT or therapy dog. This program is designed for individuals who need the assistance of a service dog and has proper documentation (Service Dogs are not pets). These puppies have a job to do. We train the SDIT the basics and the team will complete Canine Good Citizens. Once that is completed, the puppy is ready for task training. The individual understands the time and commitment to training their own service dog with the help and coaching from Compass Key Service Dog Training. With that being said, the individual obtaining a service dog through Beach Doodles, agrees to complete the training through Compass Key.

We provide comfort to others with the use of a therapy dog (Therapy Dogs are not Service Dogs). We train our puppies the therapy dog basics then certify them by Einstein’s Canine College through (TDI) Therapy Dog International. However, we do not recommend taking your new team member to places where other dogs visit until fully vaccina